Override the Pro Theme header assignment for specific pages and conditions

Michael BourneUpdated:

Themeco’s Pro Header Builder is pretty amazing. From it’s in depth controls to endless styling options, anyone can make a truly magnificent header. But what do you do when the specific page you’d like to target isn’t available as an assignment? How about when you want to show a specific header for logged in users? Or for different user roles? This little PHP snippet will do just that. But first, you need to get the post ID of the header you’d like to assign. The easy way to do that … Read More

How to use Themeco Pro template colors anywhere on your site

Michael BourneUpdated:

The new pro theme by Themeco has many amazing features. One of which is the colours templates. This allows you to set your branding colours in the Pro editor, and re-use them in header and footer elements. But what about outside of headers and footers? Well, at the time of this post, we still don’t have access to them in the page builder (Cornerstone) elements. So I went ahead and wrote a script that will help us out. The basis of this snippet is simple. It will take your colour … Read More

Breadcrumbs for X Pro Header Builder

Roy AngerUpdated:

X Pro has been released, and with it the new Header and Footer builders. The tools are awesome. However, one thing missing (so far) are breadcrumbs. Here is a quick tip on getting breadcrumbs working. First, make sure you have your X Pro Child Theme installed and activated. Once done, edit the functions.php file and add the following to it: Once done, you can now use the shortcode [breadcrumbs] to display breadcrumbs in your header (or footer or anywhere on your site). In the Header builder all of the ‘content’ … Read More

Using Cloudflare Rocket Loader with X Theme 5 and Themeco Pro

Michael BourneUpdated:

Cloudflare has quickly become a popular choice among X users, and that’s no surprise. But early on we all noticed one distinct problem: Rocket Loader didn’t play nicely with Cornerstone. We quickly discovered that using a page rule to exclude cornerstone URLs from performance was the key to success. But with this new update, the target URL has changed. This is what you need to change your page rule to if you upgrade to X Theme 5 or Themeco Pro: *domain.com/x/* However, if you have changed the path of the … Read More