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Hey, I'm Michael, and I've been making websites since the mid 90s! These days I focus on Wordpress and would call myself quite handy in PHP, JS, and CSS. Outside of coding and web design, I'm quite fond of craft beer and backpacking around the world.

Global Blocks for Cornerstone

Michael BourneUpdated:

Have you ever wished you could create a section in Cornerstone and re-use it on multiple pages? How about doing that, and being able to edit them all in one shot? Well, wish no more. Introducing the Global Blocks for Cornerstone, brought you by X Theme Tips. Oh, it’s also free for life. This is a lightweight, easy to use plugin that allows you to create a “global block”, which is our way of saying a template that can be created in one location and reused anywhere. On top of … Read More

Swap Columns on Mobile

Michael BourneUpdated:

How can I swap columns on mobile? That question has been asked so many times, but sadly the answer has never been consistent. I’m going to show you two ways to achieve the effect of swapping columns on mobile with this tip. How I swap columns. I want to preface that there are a few methods to achieve this, and no one way can be called “more correct” than the other. Ever since I originally posted the CSS needed to do this in the X Users group, X has changed … Read More

Create Your Own Custom Tabbed Content

Michael BourneUpdated:

So you want to create your own tabs, eh? Recently a group member asked about creating their own tabbed content using images as the tabs. I posted the generic code needed to achieve the effect but decided it would make a neat little tip to put on the site as well. View Demo Here Tabbed content is great for formatting groups of text into one neat, easy to read area. And although there is speculation that Google will discount hidden text in its rankings, the majority of uses for tabs … Read More

Add the Excerpt to Recent Posts

Michael BourneUpdated:

The Recent Posts element in Cornerstone are admittedly lean, but one simple change you can make is to add the post excerpt to them. While this is something that gets asked frequently, and the code needed to achieve it has been posted by Themeco, many can benefit by having it here. We’re much easier to find than a forum search! Here’s how you can add excerpts into recent posts. The following code should be placed in your functions.php file inside your x-child theme. // Displaying Excerpt in Recent Posts // … Read More

Transparent Fixed Header (Opaque on Scroll)

Michael BourneUpdated:

It’s not uncommon to see X users make their navbar transparent, but what about a transparent fixed header that stays transparent while passing over your hero image and turns to opaque for the remainder of the page? As it turns out, it’s not hard to achieve. We just need to use a little bit of custom CSS and jQuery. Getting started To begin this specific example, we will be using an inline header layout. In the customizer, we have set the navbar background to transparent and the link colours to … Read More