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Roy Anger

Hey everyone. I made my first website way back in about 95, before PHP, Wordpress, CSS and even tables. I love the flexibility and framework available in X, and love working with X on client sites. Aside from Wordpress, I love spending time with my two girls (girlfriend and chocolate Lab), trying to be a decent photographer and generally relaxing.

Breadcrumbs for X Pro Header Builder

Roy AngerUpdated:

X Pro has been released, and with it the new Header and Footer builders. The tools are awesome. However, one thing missing (so far) are breadcrumbs. Here is a quick tip on getting breadcrumbs working. First, make sure you have your X Pro Child Theme installed and activated. Once done, edit the functions.php file and add the following to it: Once done, you can now use the shortcode [breadcrumbs] to display breadcrumbs in your header (or footer or anywhere on your site). In the Header builder all of the ‘content’ … Read More

Updated Cornerstone Modal Plugin

Roy AngerUpdated:

Steve Woody’s Cornerstone Modal plugin has been used by a ton of X Theme users. During beta testing of the new version of X, Michael became aware that a few modifications were needed to make it compatible. Here is an updated version. How to choose the best wordpress host for x theme

Size Matters. The X Image Guide

Roy AngerUpdated:

The low down on this article: It has about 3400 words and will take 16-20 minutes to read. You probably want a coffee to go with it. As we chase site performance all too often we find that image size and quality clash with site performance. We want our sites to look amazing, but that comes with a cost. Images can quickly become the largest part of the site. For fun, I dropped the text from a 18 page article draft into a post. That 18 pages of content increased … Read More

Full Screen Video

Roy AngerUpdated:

A few people have asked about full screen video without using Revolution Slider. X/Cornerstone already supports background video, so we only need a little massaging to make it full screen. However, before we do that let’s talk about the challenges of doing this. First, you will need to either self host the video or have a direct link. A normal Vimeo or Youtube link is not a direct link, but rather a link to the page. You need to be able to link directly to the file. On Vimeo this … Read More