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X Pro has been released, and with it the new Header and Footer builders. The tools are awesome. However, one thing missing (so far) are breadcrumbs. Here is a quick tip on getting breadcrumbs working.

First, make sure you have your X Pro Child Theme installed and activated. Once done, edit the functions.php file and add the following to it:

// Shortcode to add breadcrumbs to Header Builder
function my_breadcrumbs( ) {
        $breadcrumbs_on = x_get_option( 'x_breadcrumb_display' );
        if ( $breadcrumbs_on == '1' ) :
                $breadcrumbs = x_breadcrumbs();
        return $breadcrumbs;
add_shortcode( 'breadcrumbs', 'my_breadcrumbs');

Once done, you can now use the shortcode [breadcrumbs] to display breadcrumbs in your header (or footer or anywhere on your site). In the Header builder all of the ‘content’ elements and the text element will work. Depending on where you place it, some of the stack’s CSS might need overriding to control the position.

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