Breadcrumbs for X Pro Header Builder

Roy AngerUpdated:

X Pro has been released, and with it the new Header and Footer builders. The tools are awesome. However, one thing missing (so far) are breadcrumbs. Here is a quick tip on getting breadcrumbs working. First, make sure you have your X Pro Child Theme installed and activated. Once done, edit the functions.php file and add the following to it: Once done, you can now use the shortcode [breadcrumbs] to display breadcrumbs in your header (or footer or anywhere on your site). In the Header builder all of the ‘content’ … Read More

Size Matters. The X Image Guide

Roy AngerUpdated:

The low down on this article: It has about 3400 words and will take 16-20 minutes to read. You probably want a coffee to go with it. As we chase site performance all too often we find that image size and quality clash with site performance. We want our sites to look amazing, but that comes with a cost. Images can quickly become the largest part of the site. For fun, I dropped the text from a 18 page article draft into a post. That 18 pages of content increased … Read More

Enqueue Your CSS and JS

Roy AngerUpdated:

We’ve all been there. You spend time adding CSS rules to change the look of something on the site, save your edits and refresh the site. And nothing changes. What the hell? CSS is a very complicated system to wrap your head around if you’re new to it. Depending on specificity and rule placement and external stylesheet loading order some rules take precedence over others. With X one of the biggest frustrations can be that the stack styles take precedence over the Child Theme’s style.css file. If you’re putting CSS … Read More

ACF Pro Repeater in a Shortcode

Roy AngerUpdated:

The addition of ACF Pro offered up a ton of new power for websites built with X. This tip is a tutorial on setting up a ACF Pro Field Group and an associated shortcode, which you can then drop into Cornerstone. As covered in the next video, you don’t have use a page template. There are many ways to setup your Location Rule. The key is that you only have your Field Group appear for the pages or posts you want it to appear for. I’ve created a copy of … Read More

Add the Excerpt to Recent Posts

Michael BourneUpdated:

The Recent Posts element in Cornerstone are admittedly lean, but one simple change you can make is to add the post excerpt to them. While this is something that gets asked frequently, and the code needed to achieve it has been posted by Themeco, many can benefit by having it here. We’re much easier to find than a forum search! Here’s how you can add excerpts into recent posts. The following code should be placed in your functions.php file inside your x-child theme. // Displaying Excerpt in Recent Posts // … Read More