How to use Themeco Pro template colors anywhere on your site

Michael BourneUpdated:

The new pro theme by Themeco has many amazing features. One of which is the colours templates. This allows you to set your branding colours in the Pro editor, and re-use them in header and footer elements. But what about outside of headers and footers? Well, at the time of this post, we still don’t have access to them in the page builder (Cornerstone) elements. So I went ahead and wrote a script that will help us out. The basis of this snippet is simple. It will take your colour … Read More

Speed Matters. The X Theme web hosting review.

Michael BournePosted:

As we continue on the topic of website speed, it’s important to note one of the biggest contributing factors: your host. A great host can launch your site to speeds unimaginable by others, and a poor host can hold you back by great lengths. But as many of our readers know, there’s a lot of selection out there. That’s why we set out to help you make that choice, by completing in-depth reviews of 11 hosting packages. We tested them for speed, scripting benchmark scores, and their ability to handle … Read More

Size Matters. The X Image Guide

Roy AngerUpdated:

The low down on this article: It has about 3400 words and will take 16-20 minutes to read. You probably want a coffee to go with it. As we chase site performance all too often we find that image size and quality clash with site performance. We want our sites to look amazing, but that comes with a cost. Images can quickly become the largest part of the site. For fun, I dropped the text from a 18 page article draft into a post. That 18 pages of content increased … Read More

Full Screen Video

Roy AngerUpdated:

A few people have asked about full screen video without using Revolution Slider. X/Cornerstone already supports background video, so we only need a little massaging to make it full screen. However, before we do that let’s talk about the challenges of doing this. First, you will need to either self host the video or have a direct link. A normal Vimeo or Youtube link is not a direct link, but rather a link to the page. You need to be able to link directly to the file. On Vimeo this … Read More

Swap Columns on Mobile

Michael BourneUpdated:

How can I swap columns on mobile? That question has been asked so many times, but sadly the answer has never been consistent. I’m going to show you two ways to achieve the effect of swapping columns on mobile with this tip. How I swap columns. I want to preface that there are a few methods to achieve this, and no one way can be called “more correct” than the other. Ever since I originally posted the CSS needed to do this in the X Users group, X has changed … Read More