Create Your Own Custom Tabbed Content

Michael BourneUpdated:

So you want to create your own tabs, eh? Recently a group member asked about creating their own tabbed content using images as the tabs. I posted the generic code needed to achieve the effect but decided it would make a neat little tip to put on the site as well. View Demo Here Tabbed content is great for formatting groups of text into one neat, easy to read area. And although there is speculation that Google will discount hidden text in its rankings, the majority of uses for tabs … Read More

Create Columns with Equal Heights

Roy AngerUpdated:

A common request we see on the X Theme Users forum is to create equal height columns in Cornerstone. We’re going to cover three ways to do this in X. Yup, three ways! A little bit of CSS, added either to the page if you want it for one page, or to the Customizer if you want it for multiple pages, gives you the building block you need. Then add the class ‘flexmethod’ to the row (not the column). Its quick. Unlike the JavaScript method it shows equal height columns … Read More

Enqueue Your CSS and JS

Roy AngerUpdated:

We’ve all been there. You spend time adding CSS rules to change the look of something on the site, save your edits and refresh the site. And nothing changes. What the hell? CSS is a very complicated system to wrap your head around if you’re new to it. Depending on specificity and rule placement and external stylesheet loading order some rules take precedence over others. With X one of the biggest frustrations can be that the stack styles take precedence over the Child Theme’s style.css file. If you’re putting CSS … Read More

Where In The World Do I Put My Custom CSS?

Roy AngerUpdated:

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about where to put your custom CSS, since we will be talking about it a ton on this site. This is less of a tip, and more of a reference document. With X there are 4 places we can place custom CSS, and each place has its own pros and cons. We will walk through them and answer your questions. Anytime I talk about the places where you can put CSS, someone chimes in and says ‘I always put mine in … Read More

Adding Your Own Font to X

Roy AngerUpdated:

Adding your own font to X isn’t hard, and I’m going to show you how. Take your pick from following along with a video, or reading through the tutorial. Let’s start by creating the font files we need, and creating the CSS. This will make your font more robust, and avoid any errors with the CSS. We will head over to Here will we create a few versions of the font as well as the CSS. By default, TTF, EOF and WOFF formats are selected. You may want to … Read More